So a lot of parents go through the “terrible twos” with their kids and some are blessed with children who rarely act out.  Except I don’t know any of those parents. Heh.

Bradley was pretty good for two.  He didn’t really get the whole “attitude” thing until about 3.  But now that he’s 5 1/2?  Well, he’s perfected it.  When he gets in trouble…holy moly, look out.  I mean, we’re talking full on heinous.  Complete with talking back, yelling, crying, ginormous neck vein that pops out and takes over the entire living room.  It is baaaaaaad.

But then he goes and does something cute that I can’t get over.  

Take today for instance…in the middle of a tickle fight with Daddy he uhhh.  Sunk his teeth into Dave’s thigh.  Ok, in his defense it was an intense tickle fight and my guess is it was an act of “holy cow I don’t know how to handle all this energy so I think I’ll take a hunk out of  Dad’s leg.”  At least that’s how I envision it in my head.

So after getting in trouble, whining, screaming, crying, and just plain ugliness he gets sent to his room.  Once upstairs he must have no way to get his frustration out (other than biting Dave’s leg) so he decides to write a little note:


Sign says: “I’m not playing.”  The “I” that looks like an “E” is actually Bradley’s I with an = sign.  He uses = signs as spaces. lol

So he was proving to us that while he was in trouble he was also following the rules by not playing in his room during his punishment. lol  Kids.


2 Responses

  1. First off, let me say how glad I am to see an updated post! LOL. You have no idea how often I check you blog…stalk your blog…haha…second of all, I am relieve that my son is not the only one who acts like this…wow, we may be in for big trouble next weekend with the two of them together..haha. But, holy crow, how cute was the sign..I love it…

  2. PS—you need to link me to your blog please.

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