A few of the things I’m loving right now:

(click on the pics and links for more info!)


Our CSA share that starts on May 18!


This blog.


This adorable kimono and the pattern itself.


These plates.  I absolutely ADORE these!


This book.  1,504 pages of fantastic midwifery goodness.  How could you NOT want this book!?  Unless of course you’re not as obsessed with midwifery, mamas, and babies as I am. 😉  My goal is to amass some Amazon gift cards for my birthday so I can purchase this sucker.  Man.  I wonder what shipping would be.  Hmmm.  It weighs 6.8 pounds.  What’d you think?


These earrings.  Seriously, how STUNNING are these?


BB would LOVE these!

What are you loving right now? 🙂


4 Responses

  1. Book. Done. Happy birthday (and ‘birthing’!) Love, Mom P.S. Free shipping. :0)

  2. i love those plates, too! gorgeous! i think i’m going to post tomorrow on waldorf children’s playthings that my girls and i are in love with right now.

    your CSA looks GREAT. we are going for all from our own garden this year, but i loved it when we had a CSA share – a wonderful box of treasures delivered weekly!

  3. that produce looks divine!!

  4. Oh, I have never been on your site. Those 2 books…are you finished with them. I almost bought in defense of food today. Is it good? If you ever want to sell it…..let me know.

    Also, I started a CSA too. Oh, my gosh…to die for!

    One last thing….
    The business of being born is good!!

    Have you checked out this website:

    you should see their videos. I want & need a garden!

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