I don’t know why, because really it sounds rather lame, but having QVC on in the background makes me feel comfy. Sigh. I know, it’s sad. It really is, and I totally warned you, but I feel…home…when I can hear it in the background. Especially now when it’s fall/holiday season and they have the fall/Christmas shows. *hanging head in shame*

At least let me explain. When Dave and I got married we thought we needed EVERYTHING for our home. Not only did we think we needed everything, but we thought we needed to CHARGE everything. Oye. So our love affair with credit cards (2 of them) and QVC ($958390584 later) began.

Now, we did get some questionable things that I’m scratching my head about now (um, hello weird router thingy) but we also got my KitchenAid stand mixer which I LOVE and use endlessly, so we tend to justify our wrecklessness by that purchase alone.

But it was always fun to just lay in bed together and watch the darn addictive show (if you can call it that) and talk about the items we loved and wanted or the ones we thought were super heinous (like that sparkly sweatshirt…gah). So I guess maybe it’s more that having QVC on in the background while I play on the computer really reminds me of the slow, quiet nights I’d spend with my sweet husband as we snuggled up together, and not so much of the wreckless spending habits we still once had.


2 Responses

  1. Yes, a KitchenAid is a perfectly practical purchase via QVC… it’s not as if you dialed up for a BeDazzler. Followed your link from my post via many many moons ago…

  2. Followed a link on Stephanie Howell’s blog and found you… 🙂 Girl, I thought I *had* to have everything for my house many moons ago as well… And charged every bloomin’ thing… I’m happy to say I’m now living debt free (well, except for my mortgate) and I’m loving it! *Stuff* makes us happy temporarily… Well, except for the KitchenAide of course.

    P.S. How darn sweet that your hubby watched it with you… Totally cute! 🙂

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