You don’t say.

I love kids. What’s more is that I love having conversations with kids. I especially love having conversations with Bradley. He is so wise and observant beyond his 4 3/4 years.

Dave, Bradley, and I were hanging out last night when I watched B sneak over to Dave and whisper something in his ear. Dave grinned and told B to come ask me. So B bounced over to me, smile on his face and the following conversation ensued:

B: Mama, when are you gonna get pregnant?
Me: (smiling) Why, baby, do you want a little brother or sister?
B: I want a brother.
Me: Ok sweetheart, I’ll see what I can do.

*sigh* I love that kid. He’s so great. And I want to give him a brother or sister. His dad and I both do. But I’m waiting. Waiting until I get in shape (some semblence of shape, anyway…not this round thing) and lose a bit of weight. I want my body to be ready to house another baby. To nourish and protect our next family member, so unfortunately, I have to wait. 😦 Well, more accurately, WE have to wait.

Sorry little guy…that little brother you want…he’s on backorder.


Reason #432 to stop eating fast food.



My little sister cracks me up!  lol  Look at this e-card she sent me a little while ago:

LOL!  I love our twisted sense of humor.

Recycle your stroller!

That’s right!  I found an awesome company that will recycle or even donate your old stroller!  So if you’re not planning on having anymore kids or don’t know anyone else who can use a stroller (a la friends, family, freecycle) give Baby Planet a call!

It is SO nice to find a company who wants to keep perfectly good baby products from ending up in landfills just because people can’t use them anymore.  LOVE that! 🙂