Stephanie Jedlicka, RN?

So I took my nursing boards this morning.  Let’s just say that it was one of the most difficult tests I have EVER taken and that I didn’t think it was possible for one’s heart to actually beat out of one’s chest but that mine was this close to actually doing so and it scared the everliving poo out of me.

I got there about 15 minutes early and stewed in the parking lot for a bit.  Then I walked into the testing center with a friend of mine from nursing school and we got registered and fingerprinted (yea, the Board of Nursing takes the whole cheating thing VERY seriously) and began our tests.  Now, here’s how the NCLEX-RN works: you can either get 75 questions, 265 questions or any number in between.  Basically the BON wants to know with 95% certainty that you know what you’re talking about.  So if you get 75 questions and the test ends you either did really well or really poorly.  I got 75 questions.  GAH!  So I either failed that sucker with a vengeance, or I passed with the prettiest of flying colors.  😉  Let’s hope it’s the latter.  I should be able to find out first thing tomorrow morning.  I’ll keep ya posted.

And wish me luck.  Tomorrow is my first day back to work in just over TWO YEARS!  I’m noivous!


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  1. Woot!!!

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