Two posts in one day.

This is unheard of for me.  It really is.  I’m an excellent procrastinator.  It’s what I do, and to have two posts in one afternoon, much less one day, is tops!  So enjoy it while it lasts! heh.

But I’m SO proud of my itty bitty garden that I had to share some pictures with you.  I bought a raspberry bush and my sweet husband, who is all-knowing when it comes to plants, planted the sucker for me and we’ve been picking berries off each day to enjoy.  They are SO good and beautiful!

We’ve also got some green peppers coming in.  They’re kind of small right now, but I kid you not, they double in size everyday!

And we’ve got a tomato in a pot right now that we started from a seed.  Unfortunately the little sucker got attacked by something about a week ago, so Davey hung it up on our fence and covered it with screening to protect it.  Poor little ‘mato.

And you gotta love the compost, right?  No way else for the bounty to be plentiful! 🙂

And unfortunately these beauties didn’t come from our garden, but our local farmer’s market had an abundance and we couldn’t pass up the snackability of these babies.

BB wanted some flowers, too so he picked a sweet little handful of micro hydrangeas and carried them around with him pretty much the whole morning until he found the perfect vase for them.  He filled it with water and “flower food” and set those beautiful puppies in it.  Upon which he promptly informed us that these were HIS flowers to take care of and he could make any decision regarding them that he wanted.  So there.

And lastly (my word, I’m rambling!) the stand next to the flowers had these awesome honey/jelly combinations and we snagged two: honey & strawberry and honey & spicy tomato.  I kid you not, as loathsome as the last combination sounds, it is to DIE for!  So so good.  Not too spicy, but enough of a kick to make you take notice.  We bought some bread to put it on and I can’t wait to devour it!  Even B loved it!  No kidding!

So enjoy the abundance of pics, my dears.  🙂


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  1. your honey sounds very interesting. did you eat it all already?? i love going to the farmers market, such yummy things to get.

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