I’m not a HUGE fan of Sunday. (And yes, I realize today is Wednesday.) In fact, if I had a choice I’d change Sunday to Saturday and have TWO Saturdays per week. Don’t ask. It makes complete sense to me.

Anyway, on Sunday I decided I wanted to bake something. I felt so domestic and just wanted to put on an apron (which I actually ended up NOT doing…hmm. I don’t know why) and bake and clean and eat. So I flipped through my awesome new book to get some ideas.

This book is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! It’s backwards! Instead of looking up a specific recipe, you look up whatever ingredients you have on hand and it will list recipes that include that ingredient. Awesome. At Whole Foods the other day, B and I picked up two packs of organic strawberries and I wanted to use them for something so I decided to try the strawberry bread. It sounded amazing and even more it sounded amazingly easy! 😉

So I gathered my ingredients and we began. It is VERY important that when smashing the strawberries for this recipe that you only wear underwear. Otherwise, the bread doesn’t taste as good.

Mmmmmm. Heh. 😉

So after we smashed the strawberries and combined all the ingredients until just mixed (that’s how easy this recipe is, guys) we got two loaves of fabulously moist and delicious strawberry bread.

OMG it is SO flipping good. The top is nice and crunchy and the bread is delicious and moist. And if you wait like 10 minutes for it to cool it’s perfection with a nice slab of butter smothered on top. Sweet mary.

So buy the book and PROMISE me you’ll make this stuff! It made a typical cruddy Sunday wonderful. 🙂


3 Responses

  1. I sure hope you saved me a slice! :0)

  2. oh the book does sound really fun! but since i dont think i will get to whole foods this week, and i would love to make it, hows about you give us the recipe??? pretty please…

  3. Books that are arranged that way tend to be the books that I use the most. I think that they’re awesome for people who shop at farmers markets, etc. So glad you’re taking the Eat Local Challenge!

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