I LOVE them!  All kinds.  I love learning and reading as much as I can about topics that are important to me.  I like to read and collect books, and trade them, and get them from the library, and save them in wish lists and all that good stuff.  And I like graduating.  Because when you graduate you get a degree and people give you well wishes in the form of either cash or gift cards.  Gift cards which are usually to Starbux or a bookstore!  My fav.  So after a month of deliberation I decided to cash in on some of those well wishes and I got the following:

I got that last one for $.35!  Can you believe it? 🙂  I have a feeling I am going to have a wonderful time going through all these books and soaking up some fun and knowledge in this already-cramped brain of mine.  But it’ll be a nice release from textbooks, I can tell ya that! lol

Have a great evening!


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  1. oh my! how did i miss that one from alicia paulson??? do you like it? what kind of projects are in it? i checked out the creative family from my library and i totally recommend that one to people with wee ones.

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