I am so blessed.

So very blessed. I was originally going to title this post “I am so lucky,” but I think it is so much more than luck! My life is filled to the brim with love and joy and lately I feel like I really need to pull that out of the depths of my heart and look at it head on so I don’t get so wrapped up in the downers of life, you know? So, I’m going to share with you just some of the blessings I’m enjoying right now and I hope you’ll be able to feed off of my list and make one of your own. Live your blessings today. Enjoy all the goodness you have in your life and for just a few moments don’t allow the bad to enter your mind!

1. My darling husband whom I can’t say enough good things about

2. Our sweet little boy

3. Our precocious, loving puppy

4. My in-laws and all they do for us

5. My relationship with my siblings

6. My friendships

7. My college diploma

8. My home

9. My freedom

10. My ability to enjoy the things I love: music, sewing, crafts of all kinds, magazines, baking, cooking, TV (yea, I said it), reading, playing with BB, snuggling with my hubs, my Wii, nursing, babies, and so much more.

Enjoy your blessings today!


One Response

  1. I love this post. I have many blessings too!

    1. My daughter
    2. My job
    3. My very own apartment!!
    4. Money in my bank acct (at least today…lol)
    5. Friends
    6. Family

    I am sure there are more…

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