Two posts in one day.

This is unheard of for me.  It really is.  I’m an excellent procrastinator.  It’s what I do, and to have two posts in one afternoon, much less one day, is tops!  So enjoy it while it lasts! heh.

But I’m SO proud of my itty bitty garden that I had to share some pictures with you.  I bought a raspberry bush and my sweet husband, who is all-knowing when it comes to plants, planted the sucker for me and we’ve been picking berries off each day to enjoy.  They are SO good and beautiful!

We’ve also got some green peppers coming in.  They’re kind of small right now, but I kid you not, they double in size everyday!

And we’ve got a tomato in a pot right now that we started from a seed.  Unfortunately the little sucker got attacked by something about a week ago, so Davey hung it up on our fence and covered it with screening to protect it.  Poor little ‘mato.

And you gotta love the compost, right?  No way else for the bounty to be plentiful! 🙂

And unfortunately these beauties didn’t come from our garden, but our local farmer’s market had an abundance and we couldn’t pass up the snackability of these babies.

BB wanted some flowers, too so he picked a sweet little handful of micro hydrangeas and carried them around with him pretty much the whole morning until he found the perfect vase for them.  He filled it with water and “flower food” and set those beautiful puppies in it.  Upon which he promptly informed us that these were HIS flowers to take care of and he could make any decision regarding them that he wanted.  So there.

And lastly (my word, I’m rambling!) the stand next to the flowers had these awesome honey/jelly combinations and we snagged two: honey & strawberry and honey & spicy tomato.  I kid you not, as loathsome as the last combination sounds, it is to DIE for!  So so good.  Not too spicy, but enough of a kick to make you take notice.  We bought some bread to put it on and I can’t wait to devour it!  Even B loved it!  No kidding!

So enjoy the abundance of pics, my dears.  🙂



I’m not a HUGE fan of Sunday. (And yes, I realize today is Wednesday.) In fact, if I had a choice I’d change Sunday to Saturday and have TWO Saturdays per week. Don’t ask. It makes complete sense to me.

Anyway, on Sunday I decided I wanted to bake something. I felt so domestic and just wanted to put on an apron (which I actually ended up NOT doing…hmm. I don’t know why) and bake and clean and eat. So I flipped through my awesome new book to get some ideas.

This book is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! It’s backwards! Instead of looking up a specific recipe, you look up whatever ingredients you have on hand and it will list recipes that include that ingredient. Awesome. At Whole Foods the other day, B and I picked up two packs of organic strawberries and I wanted to use them for something so I decided to try the strawberry bread. It sounded amazing and even more it sounded amazingly easy! 😉

So I gathered my ingredients and we began. It is VERY important that when smashing the strawberries for this recipe that you only wear underwear. Otherwise, the bread doesn’t taste as good.

Mmmmmm. Heh. 😉

So after we smashed the strawberries and combined all the ingredients until just mixed (that’s how easy this recipe is, guys) we got two loaves of fabulously moist and delicious strawberry bread.

OMG it is SO flipping good. The top is nice and crunchy and the bread is delicious and moist. And if you wait like 10 minutes for it to cool it’s perfection with a nice slab of butter smothered on top. Sweet mary.

So buy the book and PROMISE me you’ll make this stuff! It made a typical cruddy Sunday wonderful. 🙂


I LOVE them!  All kinds.  I love learning and reading as much as I can about topics that are important to me.  I like to read and collect books, and trade them, and get them from the library, and save them in wish lists and all that good stuff.  And I like graduating.  Because when you graduate you get a degree and people give you well wishes in the form of either cash or gift cards.  Gift cards which are usually to Starbux or a bookstore!  My fav.  So after a month of deliberation I decided to cash in on some of those well wishes and I got the following:

I got that last one for $.35!  Can you believe it? 🙂  I have a feeling I am going to have a wonderful time going through all these books and soaking up some fun and knowledge in this already-cramped brain of mine.  But it’ll be a nice release from textbooks, I can tell ya that! lol

Have a great evening!

I LOVE this!

I found this picture at the Baskin Robbins/Dunkin Donuts by our house. I’ve scoured the net trying to find out more about this little sticker, but I’m coming up blank. But how COOL is this? Good for them for going that extra step to make sure breastfeeding mamas know they are welcome to feed their babies inside. Yay BR/DD! 🙂

Soon there will be more of these little stickers popping up all over the city/county, I can feel it. Hehe.

I am so blessed.

So very blessed. I was originally going to title this post “I am so lucky,” but I think it is so much more than luck! My life is filled to the brim with love and joy and lately I feel like I really need to pull that out of the depths of my heart and look at it head on so I don’t get so wrapped up in the downers of life, you know? So, I’m going to share with you just some of the blessings I’m enjoying right now and I hope you’ll be able to feed off of my list and make one of your own. Live your blessings today. Enjoy all the goodness you have in your life and for just a few moments don’t allow the bad to enter your mind!

1. My darling husband whom I can’t say enough good things about

2. Our sweet little boy

3. Our precocious, loving puppy

4. My in-laws and all they do for us

5. My relationship with my siblings

6. My friendships

7. My college diploma

8. My home

9. My freedom

10. My ability to enjoy the things I love: music, sewing, crafts of all kinds, magazines, baking, cooking, TV (yea, I said it), reading, playing with BB, snuggling with my hubs, my Wii, nursing, babies, and so much more.

Enjoy your blessings today!