So a lot of parents go through the “terrible twos” with their kids and some are blessed with children who rarely act out.  Except I don’t know any of those parents. Heh.

Bradley was pretty good for two.  He didn’t really get the whole “attitude” thing until about 3.  But now that he’s 5 1/2?  Well, he’s perfected it.  When he gets in trouble…holy moly, look out.  I mean, we’re talking full on heinous.  Complete with talking back, yelling, crying, ginormous neck vein that pops out and takes over the entire living room.  It is baaaaaaad.

But then he goes and does something cute that I can’t get over.  

Take today for instance…in the middle of a tickle fight with Daddy he uhhh.  Sunk his teeth into Dave’s thigh.  Ok, in his defense it was an intense tickle fight and my guess is it was an act of “holy cow I don’t know how to handle all this energy so I think I’ll take a hunk out of  Dad’s leg.”  At least that’s how I envision it in my head.

So after getting in trouble, whining, screaming, crying, and just plain ugliness he gets sent to his room.  Once upstairs he must have no way to get his frustration out (other than biting Dave’s leg) so he decides to write a little note:


Sign says: “I’m not playing.”  The “I” that looks like an “E” is actually Bradley’s I with an = sign.  He uses = signs as spaces. lol

So he was proving to us that while he was in trouble he was also following the rules by not playing in his room during his punishment. lol  Kids.


Le sigh.

So what’s the secret about getting 5 1/2 year old boys to go to bed at night?  Any hints/tips/tricks?  I can hear B and D duking it out (not really. heh.) upstairs and I’m at a loss.



Oh, p.s. he officially doesn’t have long hair anymore.  When he’s not being a demon I’ll get a pic. 😉


A few of the things I’m loving right now:

(click on the pics and links for more info!)


Our CSA share that starts on May 18!


This blog.


This adorable kimono and the pattern itself.


These plates.  I absolutely ADORE these!


This book.  1,504 pages of fantastic midwifery goodness.  How could you NOT want this book!?  Unless of course you’re not as obsessed with midwifery, mamas, and babies as I am. 😉  My goal is to amass some Amazon gift cards for my birthday so I can purchase this sucker.  Man.  I wonder what shipping would be.  Hmmm.  It weighs 6.8 pounds.  What’d you think?


These earrings.  Seriously, how STUNNING are these?


BB would LOVE these!

What are you loving right now? 🙂

Homemade goodness! :)

Ok, seriously.  I was SO excited when I saw this:


Amanda’s first book, The Creative Family, is SUCH an inspiration to me.  Along with her blog, Soule Mama, I have a feeling these two books will help me get on my path to simplicity in life.  I’m longing to make my life as easy as possible and as fun as possible and removing destractions in my home is something I’ve been longing to do for awhile.  I want to be able to create with my oh-so-crafty son, and I can’t do that while my home is in its current state.  It’s too destracting and depressing.

So, as I read up on the Soule family’s life and devour her wonderful books I hope I can be one step closer to achieving my goal of beautiful bliss and relaxation. 😉  Wish me luck!  (Oh, and pick up Amanda’s first book while you’re at it!)

This is totally me.

“Those that are most slow in making a promise are the most faithful in the performance of it.”  
— Jean Jacques Rousseau

Yep. T-O-T-A-L-L-Y!

Yay Kate!!

This is SO awesome.  AWESOME!  Thank you, Kate Winslet for telling it like it is.  All girls (hell, even guys) need to hear this.  It’s awesome.

Kate Winslet on body image.

That’s why Dave does the laundry.

warn_drop_signMy butt hurts.  Too personal?  Perhaps.  True?  Definitely.  Butt (pun intended) allow me to explain.

There’s an unspoken agreement in our house.  When it comes time for laundry to be done a conversation between Dave and I ensues that goes something like this:

Me: Man, I really need to do laundry.  I have nothing to wear and B needs pants.

Dave: It’s ok, I’ll do laundry.

Me: Honey, you really don’t have to, I can do it. (Both of us knowing FULL well that Dave will automatically end up doing it ’cause I don’t wanna and he’s cool like that.)

Dave: It’s cool, I don’t mind.

Sweet.  Mission accomplished.  The laundry gets done and I get to check my email. heh.

But today, well, today was a different story.  Dave was out back playing with boy and the dog in the snow so I thought I’d take the bed sheets off the bed and be a good wife and actually do some darn laundry.  Well, when God (or whomever) made man (and woman) he decided that he’d like me to be short.  Curses.  So I grab the overflowing basket of laundry and make my way down the stairs, upon which the leg of my pants makes its way under my right foot rendering the stairs a veritable ice rink.  Awesome.

Ten points if you can figure out what happens next.

Yea.  I face planted.  Well, not so much a face plant as an ass plant all the way down each stair.  Yay.  So that’s why my butt hurts.  And that’s why Dave does the laundry.